Dorothea, the seer


La nouvelle sorcière de ma série, la voyante Dorothée :) Je vous mets la description que j’avais faite en anglais sur mon Patreon pour donner des éléments de son histoire :

Seers are a very rare kind of witches. Like necromancers, only those born with the gift can aspire to learn to predict the future. Each seer chooses their favourite vessel to channel their sensations into visions : cards, crystal balls, runes… To each their own. But because witches have the means to act and change the course of events thanks to their powers, seers have all sworn an oath never to reveal the future to another of their kind. Thus, they can only work among humans, with them as their only clients. Witches willing to have an inkling of what the future holds have no choice but to go to astrologists : while the movements of the stars may be indications of various tendencies, their vagueness and whims make it impossible to draw any kind of precise conclusions, thus keeping witches from too tempting a knowledge.

Dorothea is Chandni’s childhood friend. They grew up watching the stars, dreaming of being able to make them speak. As the years went by, Dorothea fell in a love that remained unrequited. 

While Chandni pursued her fascination for the skies, Dorothea grew impatient with the impossibility to have the stars say anything ; and because she was born with the eye, she found only fitting to pursue divination instead. Her heartbreak at being apart from Chandni only fuelled her determination to master her own craft, and she perfected many techniques. She dresses to impress, for humans are more fascinated with style and panache than resumes ; but all know that behind this taste for show lies the unescapable truth of their fate.